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The stories that cryptocurrency transactions are truly anonymous are sole partly true. In deed data, bitcoin addresses can (to a certain region) be tracked and linked to real individuals. That being so, high sundry circumstances, investors gamble exposing their text and having their account transaction logs tracked. Bitcoin mixers (bitcoin tumblers) aim to employees clear this predicament at hand providing complete anonymity and maintaining operator privacy.

What is a bitcoin mixer?
Bitcoin mixer or "Bitcoin tumbler" (English bitcoin mixer) are services that set apart users to about their coins with those of other users in well-organized to maintain their privacy. Since Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies are acquiescent to trace, Bitcoin Mixer protects the individuality of users by means of hiding the links between their Bitcoin addresses and corporeal identities, making them more anonymous and private. In addendum, user logs are deleted automatically and for good within 24 hours of successful mix bitcoin

Centralized and decentralized bitcoin mixers

There are two categories of bitcoin mixers: centralized mixers and decentralized mixers. The largest argument between the two is that centralized mixers drink access to the drug's log and IP talk, which does not vouch for utter facts privacy. How in the world, decentralized mixers tell any coherence between a bitcoin address and a legitimate person, providing a higher level of privacy.

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How does a bitcoin mixer work?
Proposed Transaction Graph
The algorithm that mixers are based on follows a frank take care of where users can send their cryptocurrencies to the mixer whereabouts that is registered on each user. The algorithm mixes coins with other people's transactions and distributes the coins amidst multiple wallets owned alongside the mixer. Toward the boundary of the proceeding, the cryptocurrency is returned to a pre-established vault, either to the sender or the strange owner.

The process of distributing cryptocurrencies between different wallets makes retreat more effectual by breaking the out of transactions. This is because senders and recipients cannot be related. That reason, all electronic traces are broken.

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