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AirBubbleFilmMachineManufacturs Zhetuo Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces bubble wrap machine, envelope bag machine, wrapping film machine. Each series of products provides safe, reliable, advanced technology and stable quality supporting services for different requirements of all walks of life. Mechanical performance parameters of bubble film machine Scope of application:HPDE and LLDPE resins, etc. Product winding maximum width:1800mm (standard width 10mm-1800mm adjustable) Product winding maximum diameter:1500mm Maximum mechanical speed:30m/min (the actual production speed is determined by conditions such as materials used and production process requirements) Maximum extrusion volume:300kg/h Maximum extrusion thickness:200gsm Minimum extrusion thickness:25gsm Extrusion thickness uniformity:3% Mechanical voltage:3-phase 4-wire, 380V, 50HZ Power supply:120KW Mechanical size:9mX3.5mX3.5m (LXWXH) Mechanical weight:6000KG Finished product application areas It is mainly used for express and logistics transportation packaging products of e-commerce. The bubble film packaging material has the functions of moisture-proof and buffer protection to protect the safety of items. Meticulously creating technology brands and service brands is the business philosophy of Zituo. While creating huge economic benefits and physical and mental health for customers, it also makes Zituo more mature, stronger and more confident, so that every employee who joins Zituo more proud. Our mode of transportationAirBubbleFilmMachineManufacturs website:http://www.cnzt-machine.com/air-bubble-film-machine/

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