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A jammer is a device that can interfere with or block wireless signal transmissions and is often used in security and confidentiality. The price of a jammer depends on its function, quality, and performance, so some jammers are relatively expensive while others are relatively cheap. https://caramellaapp.com/private/KF-3dpBL9/vJ-AoFMx8/untitled

cell phone jammer is a device that can interfere with mobile phone signals, effectively preventing mobile phone communications or tracking. This type of jammer is often used in places such as conference rooms, prisons, and military bases to protect information security and confidentiality. Mobile phone signal jammers are generally expensive because their technology is more complex and needs to meet certain safety standards and laws and regulations. In general, the price of a mobile phone signal jammer depends on factors such as its interference range, frequency type, and power, and the price may range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

wifi scrambler is a device that can interfere with wireless LAN signals and effectively block wireless network communications. WiFi signal jammers are often used in places that require security and confidentiality, such as businesses, government agencies, and other places.

drone blockers is a device that can interfere with or block drone signals, effectively preventing drones from flying or being controlled. Drone jammers are often used in places that require security protection, such as airports, government agencies, and military bases.


In general, jammers are relatively expensive because they need to meet certain security and technical requirements. However, with the continuous advancement of technology and market competition, the price of jammers is gradually decreasing. Whether expensive or cheap, for some occasions that require confidentiality and security, jammers are an effective security tool that can help protect privacy and information security.

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